What Should You Expect From Your Marketing Agency?

https://youtu.be/e2LL7wBuyQ0 What Should You Expect From Your Agency? We’re going to switch it up a little bit this week and talk about what your agencies should be going over with you on a monthly basis and what they should be providing you. Today’s blog is visual, if you’re reading this you’ll probably want to hop […]

What Are Local SEO Citations?

https://youtu.be/1DlX5-DS0XY What Are Local SEO Citations? What are local seo citations and why are they important to your Google My Business? What are citations? Citations are directories. And I’ll use the two terms interchangeably to kind of help make sense of it. But a directory is things like the BBB, Yellow Pages, etc. There’s some […]

Common Google My Business Profile Mistakes

Common Mistakes Clinics Are Making With Their Google My Business Profile What are some of the most typical mistakes people make with their Google My Business profiles? Optimizing your Google Business Profile can help you get the most out of it. It’s a tool that assists business owners in managing their internet presence and standing […]

Google My Business: Reviews

Transcript Google My Business: Reviews What are Google reviews, how do they work? How do you get them? And what’s the impact they have on your rankings? Reviews on Google come up with useful information and help your business stand out. Reviews appear up next to your Business Profile in Maps and Search. Google Reviews […]

Google My Business: An Overview for Allied Health Professionals

Transcript What is Google My Business? How does it help Allied Health Professionals? Searching for a service or business in the Google browser will display the Google 3-Pack.  Google 3-Pack The Google 3-Pack is how Google displays the top results for a local business search. Google considers three local businesses to be sufficiently relevant, prominent, […]

Google My Business: Who, What, Where, When & Why To Posting

Transcript Google My Business: Who, What, Where, When & Why To Posting When it comes to posting, you have to think of Google My Business as a social profile. It kind of goes back to the days of Google Plus, and now, Google has decided that consistent posting is part of their algorithm.  There are […]

Google My Business: What Do You Do To Get Started?

Transcript Google My Business: What Do You Do To Get Started Once you’ve verified your Google My Business, what do you need to do to get started?  In the prior episode, I talked about how to get started on Google My Business — in the sense of setting it up, getting your verification code, and […]

Why Email Marketing Is so Important

Transcript My name is Maggie Benson. I am the head boss here at Merit-Based Marketing. Welcome and thank you for stopping in. I wanted to do something a little bit different, given the virtual nature of this setting, and do a little bit of an educational video for you in the sense that it makes […]

What Does ROAS & LVT Mean?

Transcript So what is ROAS and LVT as it pertains to your business when you’re running advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode. So what is ROAS and LVT? Well, ROAS is return on ad spend. LVT means lifetime value transaction. So what is the average […]

What Does CPC Mean?

Transcript What does CPC mean in terms of the reports you get from your marketing agency? That is what we’re going to talk about today as part of our What Does the Metrics Mean series? What does CPC mean? CPC means cost per click. It is traditionally used in the language of Microsoft ads, formerly […]