Facebook Ad Case Study: How We Generated £7428 by spending £145 on Facebook Ads

Do you remember the last time you searched for someone on Facebook, and you couldn’t find them? No? That’s because it’s extremely rare. Nearly everyone is on Facebook these days. With over 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with their potential customers. Facebook is also the preferred […]

Case Study: How We Increased a Client’s Landing Page Traffic by 333%

For most small businesses, one of their top pain points marketing-wise is not being able to get website traffic, resulting in lower revenues due to less people visiting their website. Getting people’s eyeballs on your website is an important indicator and driver of business growth over the long term. This can help you to: Generate […]

Case Study: How We Increased Our Dermatologist Client’s Leads by 350%

It almost seems impossible to keep up with all the “tricks” and “trends” many self-proclaimed marketing gurus come up with. While we admit to the fact that digital marketing is ever-evolving, certain fundamentals of marketing remain the same. In digital marketing, there are lots of new technologies and platforms that evolve every single day. However, […]