Maxed Out Ep 5: Determine Your USP – How Are You Changing Lives

Maxed Out Ep 5: Determine Your USP – How Are You Changing Lives

Welcome to the Maxed Out podcast where we speak with amazing studio owners, marketers, and ancillary services to discuss fitness, business, marketing, and mindset. With over six years of marketing experience, Maggie Benson has helped countless brick and mortar businesses dramatically increase revenues through strategic digital marketing. Now she’s combining her passion for health and marketing to help fitness studios around the world grow and prosper.

Hello and welcome back. So in this episode, we’re going to talk about your USP and how to define your USP, and ultimately how you change lives. So the USP, your USP, is a unique selling proposition. It is what makes you different from everybody else. If you can remember, going back in the previous episode in episode four, we talked about the SWOT analysis and doing a SWOT analysis and looking at your competitors and how you are different and your strengths are different from your competition from the perspective of your avatar.

So your USP is essentially your strength. Usually, it’s one thing, although there can be sub-tasks or sub-USP’s related to the main USP. But usually, it’s one thing. It’s how are you different. So when it comes to fitness studios, you know, a spin bike is a spin bike. Yoga’s all over the place, but how are your classes different? So an example of that is there’s a different type of yoga classes of course. There are different types of fitness regimes. There are different types, different approaches to achieving a different result, but it can also be your particular studio. So let’s just say for spin classes, well a spin class is kind of a spin class. It really comes down to the instructors, but also the experience. How do you get people excited to be there, to show up repeatedly, and come to your classes?

Well, the number one way to do it is not about giving them a hard-ass workout. It’s about making sure that they have fun. Okay, so how do you do that? What is your USP? Usually, it comes down to the experience they have when they come to your studio. So going back and go back to your SWOT analysis that we talked about in episode four and look at that and come up with a one-liner of how you are different. So looking at some examples, I go onto good old Google which is where I do a lot of research, and looked at Gold’s Gym, right? An international brand, and in there what we’re going to call title tag, that’s a US SCO term but essentially the clickable link that you see in Google search is called the title tag.

It’s Gold’s Gym, stronger workouts, personal training, and that very much is Gold’s Gym. They’ve tried to address a high and lifting environment. They’re very focused on weights and lifting, and personal training and less on actual classes, and that is their USP. And they’re actually, I talked about the Gold’s Gym SWOT analysis that I found online in episode four and you can go back to that, and that’s how pulling from their strengths, how they define their USP.

Then keep going another, so I use Anytime Fitness. It’s let’s make healthy happen. That is their slogan, which is their USP, and they focus on accessibility for everyone to have access to the tools and resources to be healthy. So they do that by a lot of ways. You can join Anytime Fitness and access any of their 4000 franchise locations internationally just through your one membership. It’s affordable, it’s quality equipment, and the equipment is very easy to use with lots of- If you’ve never been to a gym before it can be very overwhelming, and you can go to Anytime Fitness and you can join without having- and they give you an introductory training session to show you how to do things, but all the equipment in their apps explain how to do anything. If you ever do go to Anytime Fitness they have a pretty robust app that shows you how to do every single… I won’t say every single exercise possible, but a majority of them. There are videos, right? So that’s how they do it. They make it simple for the general.

Moksha Yoga, which rebranded as Modo Yoga, was and is a very specific modality of yoga, and their USP is calm, fit, inspired. And they focus on not just a yoga studio but the environment and the culture, and a more sustainable world, and they always had, I used to go to them when I lived in Kelowna, and they always had opportunities if you couldn’t afford the memberships. They had opportunities for you to work for your membership. They did lots of community outreach. They were much more than just their studio. At the end of the day, it was just [inaudible 00:05:42] yoga. It wasn’t anything in particular.

Anybody and their dog could go in there and do it, and it was the same. It’s like Bikram, it’s the same program every single time which I liked. I liked that it was the same, that I could anticipate what was going to happen. But let’s be honest, it was just the same routine and people were paying $150 a month to go as often as they wanted. They had other classes too, but for the most part it was just the same routine, but it was because of the culture that people did that, and they focused on the culture to make themselves different to have people stand-in.

If I go and do a search, and do this in your own area. So Spin Studios Vancouver, and I look at what comes up ignoring all the eight best spin studios in Vancouver curated lists, I will be honest, it’s disappointing to see the lack of uniqueness in the meta descriptions and in the title tags that I’m seeing showing up on page one. There really isn’t anything that stands out. I just see a bunch of spin studios that at the end of the day I’ll probably just pick the one that’ll be closest to me. I wouldn’t be picking any particular one because none of them stand out to me. They talk about being exceptional, whoop-dee-do. They talk about bringing you a safe and challenging vibe. Well, I certainly hope it’s safe. I don’t want to go to an unsafe vibe, you know what I mean?

So when you focus and you build your foundational marketing it ties into everything you do down the line, to your Google logs, to your SEO, to your Facebook and you’re social, it’s really important to get that down. And I can look at these studios and say either their marketing team sucks or they don’t have one, probably the latter.

If I did spin studios in Los Angeles, again ignoring the LA Mag and the best spin classes… scrolling, scrolling… it’s a little bit better. Premium Cycling Studio. Okay, that gives me a vision in my mind of what it’s about, focused on you, your health, and your beauty goals. Okay, that is good. I can kind of start, that would get me to click, right? Become inspired by the new LA Soul Cycle, a 45-minute high-intensity cycling class. Okay, that’s a little better. Designed to sculpt and tone your muscles, that’s talking about the end result that the searcher might be looking for. I like that because design to sculpt and tone is something that I would be looking for.

Let’s see what they have on page two. So getting into the spin studios in LA it’s a little better, but then on page two the first one it just says Boutique Cycling Studios. Whoop-dee-do, I don’t care. Evolve Cycle, it’s a premiere indoor spinning studio in Studio City. Again, define premiere. Please don’t use those catch-all phrases, it just doesn’t get me there. Focus on the transformation, which we’re going to talk about in the next episode. So in the next episode, I’m going to talk about the transformation and how you can determine what transformation you provide to your people and how to tie that into your marketing and that ties into your USP.

So first do your SWOT analysis, then determine your USP, and then you do your transformation, all based on your avatar because even in LA I’m not seeing anything that really stands out to me as unique. There’s RPM Fitness Studio, One Stop Fitness, and Wonder Studio. Okay, that would interest me. I like the idea of being one-stop. I’m going to look up, there’s a local studio that’s become a franchise that originated in Kelowna, but a franchise called Oranj Fitness. A wide selection of fitness, spin, dance, and yoga taught by our community of world-class instructors. That’s probably one of the best meta descriptions I’ve seen during this episode.

They’re giving me a vision of what I can actually get if I go there, which is a wide selection. I think their title tag is a little too SEO-y. It’s just a yoga Bootcamp fitness studio in Kelowna, BC. I think they could pull in the USP a little bit more into there and have them play with the language a little bit. I don’t think you need Kelowna, BC in there because, a long story, but that’s kind of- Google knows the location. As long as you have Google MyBusiness set up you don’t need to say it’s in Kelowna. But anyway, I digress.

But looking at it, and I know that they’re a franchise and they have a marketing team, but overall much more impressed with their approach in their USP and communicating their USP than some of the others. So if I actually go, if you’re listening to this and on your computer, it’s Oranj, O-R-A-N-J, So their USP, looking at the homepage, is creating a world where the status quo is boogie-ing, and you can’t even say that without laughing and smiling, boogie-ing. I doubt that that’s even a proper word, but I love it, and it gives you a vision, right? And if I’ve gone to their studios, their studios are great. They really focus on high energy, fun, great, amazing instructors. When they say world-class instructors they mean it, and that is their ammo, is creating a world where the status quo is boogie-ing. Very well done.

So check out their website to give you ideas, and they are a franchise and very well done. Originated out of Kelowna, BC, so check that out. So, and it might be like, “Well, isn’t this my vision statement or my mission statement,” and yes it is. Your mission statement and your vision- Well, they’re different, but we’ll just focus on your mission statement. It very much is your USP. It’s what makes you different. So, and it should be visual. It should create an image and kind of excite your reader. Really focus on spending time on those marketing elements to really encompass what your business is. And this isn’t just marketing, right? Although most business owners have this in the back of their heads, they just need it tied into their marketing. At the end of the day having all this down really is a business plan. It’s not marketing. If you don’t know what makes you different and you’re just trying to be another yoga studio you’ll never stand out, but you need to. So you need to focus on what’s different, what differentiates you.

So kind of a quick episode today, USP. Next week we’re going to talk about the transformation and the transformation grid and how to take your USP and what makes you different, look at your avatar, and say, “How do I make their lives differently based on the services that I provide?” So that’s next week, but to this week grab a notepad, jot down what makes you different from your competition. If you’re online, even more, important because you’re now, especially in the COVID, now that we’ve dealt with COVID and everyone’s gone online and studios will be staying online. They will, you want to focus on that. Don’t think that just once COVID disappears that online won’t disappear, it will. Or sorry, won’t disappear. It’ll stick around.

So if you’re online you want to be what makes you different and at the end of the day really what makes you different is going to be the experience that you provide. So make a note of that and we will see you next week.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Maxed Out. If you’d like more information on today’s episode, head over to our website at, or you can find us on Instagram


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