Our Process

Our Process

A surgeon doesn’t enter the operating room without assessing the situation and developing a plan, right?
Well, we don’t jump into marketing tactics without first establishing where you sit today and building out a plan based on our findings.

Build A Plan

To get you to where you want to be, we need to know where you stand today.
In order to generate a plan, we need to do a couple of things first ....

Step 1: Perform Our Audits

We’ll perform the following:
      • Ranking Audit
      • Website Performance Audit
      • Directory Audit
      • Analytics Audit
      • Social Media Audit

Step 2: Define Your Goals

Over Zoom or in person, we will determine what your goals are for the upcoming 3, 6 and 12 months, based on the SMART philosophy.
For example:
A SMART goal for an attorney would be: To increase our organic website traffic by 30% in 3 months.

Step 3: Define Your Top 2 Customer Avatars

In order to develop a plan, we need to know who we’re marketing to.  And the only way to do that is to generate the customer persona or avatar.  We’ll work with you to determine who is your ideal customer, their traits and how to best get in front of them.

Step 4: Define & Develop The Plan

Once we know where you stand, where you want to go and who you serve, we put together a marketing plan, including those fun tactics, that will get you from Point A to Point B within your timelines.  This usually ends up being a 15-20 page document.

Ready To Get Started?



    Once we have developed and agreed upon a plan, we implement a 90-Day Marketing Accelerator Program.

    This program is designed to get the needle moving quickly and efficiently.
    Here’s an example of a 90-Day action plan for a law firm:
        • Develop Facebook Brand Awareness Ads
        • Setup Google Display Network to Improve Brand Awareness
        • Implement Quick Win SEO Tactics
        • Setup Google Ads for Search
        • Lead Management Software & Training
    The objective is to get the leads coming in and provide you the resources to convert those leads into clients/customers/closed deals.

    Re-Assess and Re-Align


    After 90-Days, we re-do our audits to determine the impact our marketing efforts have had, what needs to change, and what needs to be continued.

    We Believe In Partnerships

    During the entire process, we will have weekly to bi-weekly calls so you are always up to date with what is happening, what progress is being made, and have that opportunity to have your questions answered.

    Ready To Get Started?

      Your Investment

      To Receive Everything Mentioned Above, Your Investment Will Be $899CAD / $699USD.

      Plus, all marketing plans are subject to our 3-point guarantee:

          • You get the plan, you love the plan but you choose to implement it yourself – great! No Problem.
          • You get the plan, you hate the plan and you want a full refund – That’s Ok! We’ll do that too.
          • You get the plan, you love the plan and you choose to hire us to implement the 90-Day Accelerator program – you get full credit of the plan towards your marketing investments.

      I’d Say It’s A No Brainer 😉